Friday, February 16, 2007

I love the smell of mosquito repellent in the smells like victory !

Well all I can say is that not only is Thailand a beautiful country but the locals are very friendly and the food superb.

When Vee and I visited Bali in Indonesia in 2001, I freaked out for the first few days because it was so different from my previous travels, so I was a bit apprehensive visiting yet another Asian country but to my surprise I felt very relaxed from the first day onwards.

The people there are just charming, always smiling and love to have a chat. We were lucky to have the best weather every day. It was hot but not too humid. The sea was warm and blue turquoise .

We've just been back a day or so and I am still going through withdrawal symptoms, I chopped up all my chillies in the garden and covered them with fish sauce this morning ( great topping on just about anything except perhaps ice cream). Later on when we went shopping I bought a coconut, I'll attempt to make a drink out of it tomorrow and if that doesn't work we've got watermelon in the fridge. I'm even still covering myself with mosquito repellent when I step out of the house, I think I'm addicted to the smell of it....

More to come...


Bea said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much! And yes - chillies and fish sauce - culinary delights. I must remember to put some of that on the next thing I eat.


Lady Alicia said...

Farewell, Max. You really were an extraordinary person.

DI_Dad said...

May you find peace Max / Alex. You will be missed.

196X - 2010 May 11.