Friday, February 16, 2007

I love the smell of mosquito repellent in the smells like victory !

Well all I can say is that not only is Thailand a beautiful country but the locals are very friendly and the food superb.

When Vee and I visited Bali in Indonesia in 2001, I freaked out for the first few days because it was so different from my previous travels, so I was a bit apprehensive visiting yet another Asian country but to my surprise I felt very relaxed from the first day onwards.

The people there are just charming, always smiling and love to have a chat. We were lucky to have the best weather every day. It was hot but not too humid. The sea was warm and blue turquoise .

We've just been back a day or so and I am still going through withdrawal symptoms, I chopped up all my chillies in the garden and covered them with fish sauce this morning ( great topping on just about anything except perhaps ice cream). Later on when we went shopping I bought a coconut, I'll attempt to make a drink out of it tomorrow and if that doesn't work we've got watermelon in the fridge. I'm even still covering myself with mosquito repellent when I step out of the house, I think I'm addicted to the smell of it....

More to come...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Honda Shadow 600

Yours truly and his cruising machine. My motorbiking days unfortunately ended on the 10th of April 2003 when I was hit by a car that failed to give way at an intersection.

Vee said "Are you sure you want to post your pic on the net ? " to which I answered...
............"Hun, I don't look anything like that anymore, I'm just plain, old, fat and ugly ! "

Anyway this is in homage to my trusty Honda Shadow.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Australia Day

Well this is Australia day, the day where you can go to Woolies and buy meat patties in the shape of Australia !
Also I read that "GoogleEarth" was flying a plane over Sydney to take clearer pictures of the city and its inhabitants, millions of people will soon be able to legally perv on bronzed aussies and bikini babes from their computers !

Vee and I spent our Australia day sweating at home, since she is not very well and we're probably going to have a busy day tomorrow, I suggested we stay home today and entertain ourselves by recreating a life size mosaic of the Aussie flag just by using her pain killing tablets cause they come in blue, red and white.

Apart from that, Vee has received her passport. This is the NEW version known as the Epassport.
The Epassport is like the old one except that it is chipped. The chip has been placed in the middle of the passport firmly (?) held by two pages glued together.

This passport also comes with a warning:
"This passport contains sensitive electronics. For best performance, please do not bend, perforate or expose to extreme temperatures or excess moisture."

The warning might have just as well read .. This passport contains sensitive electronics. For best performance, please do not travel.

Let's face it, with global warming on the way there is no place left on earth that doesn't experience extreme temperatures or excess moisture.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Photoshop this !

Contest Rules:

Photoshop this image in any way you like. (Click on pic for full view)



This image came 6th out of 51 entries at Worth1000 so unfortunately no medals but a jury pick none of the less.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Birds on a wire.

I caught those pigeons on my way to work one morning. It took me hours to superglue every single bird on this cable ! ( just joking ). Again this pic was taken with my phone hence why it is not so sharp, however I took advantage of this by accentuating the effect in Photoshop. The extra grain gives it a soft dreamy feel.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The artist's hand

My latest creation. I originally took this pic of my hand using the camera on my mobile phone. I added a few effects in Photoshop to come to the final result.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Prawn, Lime and Mango salad

This is what we had as an entree for dinner. I like this salad a lot, in fact, I'm so impressed that I decided to not only share its recipe but I also created a picture of this dish that you can use as your desktop pic if you wish. ;)


Cold cooked prawns (how many ? depends on how hungry you are !)
Chopped Coriander (Cilantro for our american friends)
Chopped Spanish onion (hola!)
Lime juice (Lemon can also be used)
Fresh red hot chillies (peppers) chopped finely
Ripe mangoes chopped

So as you can see there is a lot of chopping involved, but that's about all that you need to do....just mix the whole lot into a serving bowl and it's ready.
In terms of quantities, keep it balanced but keep in mind that the chilli is only here to give the dish a subtle bite though so a small habanero chilli should be enough.

Now in case you are wondering who prepared this delicious simple dish, well it wasn't me...but I did the dishes !

A new blog ?

A new year is starting and I felt I needed a change of scenery. I wanted to create a space where I could post some of my photos, art works and general ramblings about life.
I needed a fresh look and after several hours trying to work out the technical side of it and much swearing I'm finally here.
This blog would not exist if not for the help of my wonderful little wife who remained calm and composed while I was going nuts trying to decipher html and iron out publishing problems.

Thanks honey !